Sexism, Colourism and Aunty Gaze: A Review of Indian Matchmaking

Sexism, Colourism and Aunty Gaze: A Review of Indian Matchmaking

By Sajmun Sachdev August 11, But while I was celebrating what I found to be a super authentic look into the world of matchmaking, arranged marriages and Indian family dynamics, many reviewers and tweeters made me realize that I may be the only South Asian woman who was. So seeing that representation in Indian Matchmaking made me feel proud: Finally an Indian filmmaker had accomplished what we got into this industry to do: She put us on TV. Indian Matchmaking could never be everything to everybody and still be the success it is. She is, simply, a stereotypical aunty. A divorced woman is a failure.

68 Things You Need To See If You’ve Watched The Cringefest That Is Indian Matchmaking

This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. In fact, my husband and I were set up by a mutual Aunty family friend. The rest of the show is fun in the usual reality TV ways: with dramatic visuals of a sanitized Mumbai; characters that viewers will root for and others we are expected to loathe; beautiful clothes, awkward dating banter and even some genuine chemistry.

Like all reality television, there is both fiction and fact in the show. In my experience, the helpful some might say busybody Aunties are real. I know Sima.

Annoying as they may be, I’m sure they only have your best interests at heart – unless of course they are actually forcing you to meet people you.

Follow Us. We go behind the scenes of the Netflix show that has taken over our Instagram feeds with the two women instrumental in bringing it to life. In her twenties, Indian-American filmmaker Smriti Mundhra vacillated between blueprinting the creative life she sought and a more conservative vision touted by her family.

Her latest endeavour, Indian Matchmaking , is a brand-new Netflix series featuring Mumbai-based alliance consultant Sima Taparia and a clutch of happily-ever-after hopefuls, split between the US and India. At first blush, viewers may suspect the eight-part reality series, which debuted worldwide on July 16, is the South Asian answer to Dating Around , another courtship-centric series from the streaming giant.

But a closer look reveals that Indian Matchmaking , steered by the straight-shooting Taparia, is a nuanced portrayal of a practice in flux. Smriti Mundhra: It was Sima! She was my matchmaker back in the day. My previous project, A Suitable Girl , which featured her, was meant to be a coming-of-age film about young women in India but there was this whole world of matchmaking that Sima embodied that was just as revealing about our culture and our biases.

When I had the opportunity to pitch Netflix in , I mentioned Sima and what she represented. And they were interested—immediately. SM: In the show, what really defined both the diaspora and the Indians living in India is that the current generation is more individualistic than their parents were.

‘Indian Matchmaking’: Finally, a reality show that speaks to me

This sets the context for the recently premiered show on Netflix titled — Indian Matchmaking, which has been quite a rage on social media since its debut. The show has been termed as something that you can hate but not ignore. Advertisers too found it inevitable and joined the bandwagon to create some funny and relatable Sima Aunty brand posts.

Sima aunty represents the typical Indian subcontinent nagging aunty who is fixated on making everyone tie the knot.

Indian Matchmaking host Sima aunty reveals why Tinder can’t compete with her, Twitterati have a field day. Every time Netflix releases an Indian web series of films, it makes us all excited however the latest addition to the same ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ has not been an impressive one. It focuses on a number of people looking out for their right partners to get hitched.

Talking about the same she said, “When people come to me saying they have a son, daughter, nephew, niece or a grandchild who is looking to get married, I immediately start thinking of all the people I know of who could be a good match. I have found matches for people when I was on vacation in Zermatt and in Interlaken and even when we were in the Canadian Rockies, I was on duty matching people up.

Hell, I have even matched people up while waiting at the luggage carousel at Mumbai airport. What are Sima Taparia’s methods? She says, “I go and meet the boy and the family, see what their home is like, where they work, where they have been to school. This helps me assess their lifestyles so I can recommend a match that is on an even keel.

This is where Tinder, Bumble and Shaadi. Have a look at some of them here:. Look me in the eyes and give me a heterosexual explanation for this IndianMatchmaking pic.

A look at the instant matchmaking of Netflix’s Sima Aunty and brands

It would be an understatement to say that the series has inspired a strong reaction among all South Asian desis across the world — irrespective of whether they are Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi or even Nepal. Some are finding some of the characters absolutely ridiculous. Others are outraged at the blatant display of classism, colourism, casteism and sexism by the matchmakers and her clients. Then there are those that are so triggered by the series, they have been sharing their own experiences of having to do the rishta walk.

Of subjecting themselves to the pressures and judgement of their own family members as well as strangers, of being reduced to measuring themselves against a checklist of desirable qualities, and of facing constant rejection of their persons. And for other characters, as they get older and are still single, of feeling left behind: is it over for them?

“There have been a lot of more modern inventions trying to achieve the same goal as matchmaking by’aunties,’” Harlan said. Such inventions.

Hi, Sima Taparia from Mumbai. Don’t lose hope beta. Make it happen. Started IndianMatchmaking. Yeh karenge match? Me every time someone asks me about my dating life from now on IndianMatchmaking. Dear friends! Face Reader Janardhan will do a reading. So you wanted to be a lawyer since you were 7 yrs old BUT you don’t like being a lawyer. Aparna: Is rude, hardly let’s her dates speak, loves traveling but hates where her dates have traveled or have enjoyed traveling, says she doesn’t have to grow as a person.

Also Aparna: I’m pretty sure I’m single because I’m busy. This Indian Matchmaking show is problematic and eye rolling but I am thoroughly enjoying hate-watching it all and it is so relatable and realistic. The editing is really good and I hate Aparna so so much.

Netflix celebrates ‘aunty gaze’, caste and colourism in Indian matchmaking

Ketaki Desai and Sonam Joshi. Naina Hiranandani, co-founder of matchmaking service Sirf Coffee, says that dietary preferences have become very important to people. What are you going to do, check his stools every day? Dating coach Simran Mangharam has also noticed this trend. Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community.

Sima Taparia has arranged scores of marriages for wealthy singletons. Now she’s the subject of a Netflix reality show. Pundit Sushil-Ji and.

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Indian Matchmaking – A Joke Made In Mumbai

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Sima Taparia aka Sima Aunty from the web series Indian Matchmaking has become everyone’s most hated aunty. Here, FPJ writer talks to a.

After a casual introduction, Sima aunty who prefers to be called masi, which means aunt in Hindi starts talking business. She has been given the task to find a bride for Akshay, and she jumps right into it: what kind of girls does Akshay prefer? From Texas to Mumbai, Delhi to New York, Sima aunty travels all the way to her clients and attempts to find a prospective partner for them. The makers have shot the series in a semi-reality show format by taping the dates Sima aunty has fixed—not a very intriguing TV show idea, but what makes the show work is the seven characters and their family members and their very real stories that are both hilarious and honest.

Likewise, we have Aparna, a lawyer from Texas who Sima aunty thinks is stubborn , an independent woman whose laundry list of what she is looking for in a partner is peculiar. The most interesting character, however, is the protagonist of the story, Sima aunty, who is reminiscent of the typical Indian subcontinent nagging aunty who is fixated on making everyone tie the knot with people from their own caste and class. She’s not just an ordinary matchmaker though. The character, even though it is problematic to its core, has an interesting persona, with abilities to make people cringe and laugh at the same time.

And this is where the creator of the show, Smriti Mundhra, uses her skills to pander the show to a larger audience. Everything Sima aunty says is meme material. Although Sima aunty and even her clients and their families reason that their aim of resorting to arranged marriage is to find a partner and a family member who can easily fit into their life, because of the proximity with their lifestyle, at the end of the day arranged marriage has always been used a tool to propagate both caste and class endogamy.

This reluctance of people to transgress caste and class results in making alliances or fixing marriage within their small groups, and that is shown clearly through the show. One of the insightful and interesting underlying themes of the show is also the reflection of how marriage is viewed and valued in India, a feeling which people from other parts of the Indian sub-continent can also relate with.

In most societies of the Indian subcontinent, marriage is mostly regarded as a duty, where people tie the knot with another person so they can start a family life.

Matrimonial sites & Match making in ‘Maggys Match Making Mess’ (episode 90)

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